Scott Schumann

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August 13, 1970

Scott Schumann began his fishing career at an early age fishing with his father while growing up in South Florida.  As a self proclaimed “Everglades Rat”, he cut his teeth fishing shallow grass and lily pads all through the bottom half of the state, to include legendary Lake Okeechobee.

Scott’s father was an avid tournament bass angler fishing local and regional bass tournaments during the 70’s and early 80’s with the Playworld Bassmasters based out of Miami, FL.  Scott fished numerous open tournaments and youth tournaments with his dad during this period which allowed him learn the sport and gain experience competing on the water.

After a lengthy hiatus from the sport during Scott’s service in the military, he again began to fish on and off for fun throughout his late 20’s and early 30’s while raising a family.

After Scott’s career took him from South Florida to Northern Georgia, Scott decided to purchase his first bass boat and get back into the sport he once loved.  Scott expanded his knowledge and diversity while fishing clear highland reservoirs and muddy shallow rivers all throughout Georgia.

When Scott’s career again relocated him from Georgia to Northern Virginia near the great Potomac River, a new fire was lit and his passion for the sport of bass fishing kicked into high gear.

After Scott’s father passed away in early 2016, Scott decided to finally take his advice and join a local fishing club.  First the Weekend Basser’s and then Battlefield Bass Anglers.  Scott, along with his friend and teammate George Polachak, quickly made there presence felt on the trail.

In the last 2 years, Scott has won Big Fish honors 3 times, and has been in the money 4 times, including a tournament win in 2017, and a third place finish in the last 2 Fall Classics.

Scott is supported by RBT Custom Crankbaits and Bassman Jigs.

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