On my way to the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship


So here we are, less than a week away from the BNC Championship!  Its been a long year but everything has paid off, all we can do now is attempt to be as prepared as we can be.  I can’t wait to get started practicing for this event!  I’d like to first and foremost congratulate everyone else who has qualified for this event.  I look forward to meeting the other guys and talking some fishing!

I actually had the opportunity to spend a little time on Lake Dardenelle back in August just to do some scouting.  Dardenelle actually reminds me of Lake Guntersville to be honest with you from the standpoint of what it offers.  It has grass, pads, rocks, bluffs, offshore drops, brush piles, wing dams etc.  Whatever your strength is as an angler, you definitely have the opportunity to fish your strength at Lake Dardenelle.  I prefer to fish shallow with baits such as jigs, swimjigs, frogs and swimbaits but I’m ready for whatever the lake has to throw at me.

The frequency of cold fronts is getting closer and closer together form week to week.  What this says to me is that the shad should be pushing further and further back into shallow areas with the bass to follow.  In practice I plan on covering as much of the lake as I can.  With my limited practice I did learn how to navigate from the dam to most of the creeks so I shouldn’t have to waste too much time during official practice getting back into some uncharted areas.

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